A little different from a visit to your optometrist.

“The eyes are the window to your soul…”

They sure are – our iris is a very complex structure that contains a reflex connection to every organ and tissue in the body via our nervous system. Every section of your body is related to a particular area in your iris.

Iridology analyses the structure, texture and colour of the nerve fibres within our iris and can determine information about our health such as our constitutional strengths, our body’s integrity, areas of congestion and toxin accumulations, areas that are inflamed and organs which could be underactive or have poor waste removal – fascinating stuff!

The iris can reveal our current health conditions, health predispositions as well as gives us advance warning of what may occur in the future.

Its aim is not to diagnose a disease, rather provide a valuable complementary diagnostic tool to provide a holistic approach to disease prevention.

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