Naturopathy refers to traditional healing methods supported by modern evidence-based medicine. It is a holistic approach that includes the physical, mental and emotional states. No – Naturopathic Medicine isn’t Voodoo magical medicine; it’s backed up by science and is traditional medicine (the same medicine used by our great great grandmothers!)

When given the right support and guidance, our body can heal itself. Ever wondered why and how people develop a condition/disease in the first place? A Naturopaths job is to identify the underlying cause of condition/disease. Visiting a Naturopath for the first time? Expect some in-depth questions. The purpose is to identify underlying causes or aggravating factors contributing to the condition/disease and remove the barriers for the body’s ability to heal and support along the journey. Naturopathy not only identifies and treats illness, but can assist in staying on track, including sustainable wellness.

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