When should you eat fruit?

So you’ve got a bunch of friends over for a great feast and you bring out the best part of the night – desert! This desert may consist of some cut-up fruit you’ve spent 3 hours cutting and arranging for, a raw vegan cheesecake they’ve never tried before (check this one out), or a simple supermarket cake because you ran out of time baking anything.
Everyone is enjoying their sweet treat while you share more stories and laughter, whilst creating more memories.
Some time passes and you notice people looking uncomfortable, may even look a little bloated (like they’ve eaten your entire fridge) or they ask to use the bathroom or even make an excuse to leave early. Don’t be insulted, they had a great time, they just have some WIND they need to pass.

Other names for wind: flatulence, gassy

Here is why your guests, and even yourself may feel bloated or gassy, after eating desert.

You’ve eaten or are still eating your lovely meal rich in fibre, protein & complex carbohydrates, which takes a while for your digestive system to process and happily doing so, and then comes along sugar – either in the form of fruit or refined from baked goods. Fruit is naturally high in simple sugars which gets digested quickly, causing fermentation and gas build up within the gut, hence the bloating and gas!

So when should you eat fruit?
ALONE, leave them alone, on an empty stomach for best absorption. Allow at least one hour before and after meals to eat fruit, so eat them as a snack – they’re quite the snobs.

There are however, some exceptions to this rule:
– Fruit with lettuce or celery
– Acid fruit with high-fat protein (nuts, seeds and dairy)
– Fruit, especially when cooked, with Adzuki beans.

Adzuki beans? Seriously? This specific bean, along with lettuce and celery, all have the property of drying the damp yeast and fermented conditions in our digestive system that easily arise from eating fruit.

The next time you’re planning on throwing a dinner party, have an extra activity ready after the main meal (a movie, board game, or simply sit and have more conversation), before you tempt them with your desert.

So here’s for a night to remember where your guests can stay all night long!

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