In addition to analysing a general blood test from your GP, Bec also offers additional testing.

Body composition analysis

– Identifies visceral (surrounding organs) and subcutaneous fat and muscle mass, the quality of cells and hydration levels. It is an incredible tool for tracking progress, setting goals and creating motivation.



– Just urinate in a bottle please. An easy test that can evaluate the kidney and liver function as well as detecting diabetes, urinary tract infections, kidney Disease and pH status of the body.


Zinc tally test

– this simple taste test suggesting zinc levels in our body and is a standard part of every initial consultation. Zinc is an essential mineral for our immune system, digestive function, mood regulation and hormone production.


Blood pressure

– Stressed? Over worked? Or have a family a predisposition to heart disease? A blood pressure check is essential and is a standard part of every initial consultation.


Nail and tongue anaylsis

– our tongue and nails can tell us more than we think. Analysis of the tongue and nails can help identify nutrient deficiencies and is a standard part of every initial consultation.


Functional pathology

– More comprehensive testing including Saliva Hormone test (Reproductive hormones, Cortisol), Gut (Comprehensive stool analysis) and Liver function than conventional testing.


Heavy metal Toxitcity

– We absorb heavy metals through our food and environment.  Heavy metals such as Mercury, Aluminium, Lead, Arsenic and Cadmium can impact on our immune system function. This test measures the amount of heavy metals that can be accumulated in our cells effecting our health status.


Bio-Compatibility Hair Test

– Different to a Hair mineral test, a snip of our hair can unlock the secrets to our unknown intolerances. This test covers a list of over 500 standard items including all food groups, bathroom, laundry, and kitchen products that our body may react to. Can also be used for babies and pets.

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