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Now this is a powder to have some gut fun with!


Natural Gelatin is a complete nutritive protein source which provides essential amino acids necessary for tissue building and gut repair.


Gelatin has been used for generations to make all kinds of delicious treats like jellies, sauces, and desserts. What we might not realise is how good naturally sourced gelatin actually is for us.


As a natural source of protein, our gelatin is made up of essential, non-essential and conditionally-essential amino acids to contribute to the building and repair of bodily tissues. Specifically our gelatin is 20 percent glysine,  10 percent glutamine, 12 percent proline, and 12 percent hydroxyproline which are the amino acids essential for gut healing - hence why it's in Bec's Gut Pantry!


Follow this recipe on the blog to create easy and healthy gummies like pomegranate, blueberry and apple and mint and even coffee


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  • Our Natural Gelatin comes from pasture raised Australian cows. Type I and III collagen proteins are predominantly sourced from gelatin manufacture, going through a natural extraction process to create an odourless, colourless, and flavourless gelatine powder.

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