Carob Powder is a perfect substitute for cocoa or cacao in recipes - let's just say if you're transitioning from cocoa powder to cacao powder, then carob is the perfect middle-man to get you there. Cacao is quite bitter, while carob is naturally sweet.


Reason why it's included in Bec's Gut Pantry? Simply because its the colon-loving chcocolate - that's right, this wonderful chocolate bean is high in fibre so your gut will love it!


Carobs are grown on a tree and look like a big brown snow pea pod. My Egyptian-born mother used to snack on these as a child, like we did with.. rollups? No, she passed this tradition on - you'll develop strong teeth like me 

The carobs are then separated from the pod, roasted and finely milled.



  • You can add carob in a 1:1 ratio in any recipe that uses cocoa or cacao. Make hot carob drinks, add to baking or icing, carob is a perfect addition to pancakes, muffins, bliss balls or smoothies.

  • 100% Certified Organic Roasted Australian Carob