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This is a fibre option for those with SIBO (Small Intentinal Bacterial Overgrowth). Click here if you want to know whether you may have SIBO


As a practitioner specialising in SIBO, fibre rich-foods and supplements are avoided for a period of time. Unfortunately, cutting out fibre-rich foods means that the gut flora in the large intestine need food to thrive on. As a result, contripation is common. But don't worry, PHGG is a type of fibre/pre-biotic that is so quickly absorbed through the small intestine that the bacteria overgrowing there don't have enough time to feed on it.


Derived from the guar beans, this functional food powder is a water-soluble fibre that acts as a prebiotic in the intestinal tract to help support a healthy intestinal ecosystem. PHGG is a naturally derived ingredient that is taste free, odour free and easily dissolves on liquids and can be added to cooking and baking.


  • Take 1 heaped teaspoon (5g)  in a glass of water. Can be added to smoothies, juices or food. Maintain adequate hydration - as it's high in fibre.

  • 100% partially hydrolysed guar gum.

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