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Ever eaten out an Asian resturante and recieved a complimentary glass of aloe juice juice afterwards? That's because it's great for digestion!


You already know the topical soothing benefits of aloe when you've been sunburnt, but the real beauty of Aloe vera is what does on the inside for your digestive system - including soothing your digestive tract.


But seriously, what isn't this underated plant good for?

Since it contains over 200 nutrients including 22 amino acids (proteins), enzymes, lots of vitamins and minerals and antioxidants, it's no wonder it's great for gut healing, reducing gut inflammation, soothing indigestion, relieving bloating, softening built-up toxins and waste products in the colon, hydrating the skin, alkalising the body, plus so much more! What a plant!


Why is this specific aloe juice included in 'Bec's Gut Pantry?'.

Because the aloe vera juice is cold pressed extracted from the inner leaf of the specie; Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller, no added preservatives, sugar and colourings (quite rare!), packaged in glass (thanks guys!), and grown under organic conditions.


First time trying aloe vera juice? Then try the Aloe juice + 20 Herbs and work your way to Natural or Pulp (jelly pieces are always fun!).

Funny story - a few years ago I was excited to give my partner (who is a burger-out-for-lunch-every-day kinda diet), a shot of the plain Natural aloe juice and he spat it out straight away. Surely it was pay-back for something! I personally love the Natural and Pulp, but definately try the +20 herbs first!


  • Can be drunk on its own or mixed with juice, if preferred.


    Adults: 50ml twice daily with meals or on its own.
    Children 2-12 years: 15ml twice daily with meals or on its own.


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