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Bec loves talking non-stop. So why not talk on the local radio show about gut health. Below are just some of her segments where she spoke fortnightly on the Byron Bay's belly show answering locals questions regarding their gut health. Yup, literally talking about belly health on the belly show. Boy did she have a fun time!


Hay Fever and Gut Health

Listener's question: as its Spring time and my Hay Fever is starting to play up again, do you think there is any relationship between gut health and Hay Fever


How to manage thrush after taking antibiotics

Listener's question: I always get thrush after antibiotics, why does this happen and what can I do to treat it?


How to know you still have a parasite after travelling overseas

Listener's question: I've recently come back from Bali where I contracted a parasite. Although I no longer have digestive issues I wonder if I need to have a stool test to determine if the parasites are actually gone?


How to manage reflux

Listener's question: I've been experiencing re-flux lately especially at night time. Does this mean i have too much acid in my stomach and are there foods i should be avoiding?


7 tips on how to keep nourishing your gut over Christmas and New Years


How auto-immune conditions are linked to the gut

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