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Helping your Gut

Your body is talking. It's time you listen.

If you have any questions about:


I'm here to help

I help women beat the bloat, pain and gas to regain confidence, energy, and feel sexy and light as a feather - physically and mentally.

I also help women like yourself say good-bye to real-life embarrassing scenarios, for example, worrying about ordering pizza you know will cause bloating, excusing yourself from the table in a hurry to release gas, or having to suck in your bloated stomach the entire time on a hot date.


You're not alone - we've all been there and that's why I focus on this topic; my world revolves around your gut, microbiome and poos!

I believe women don't have to live with any of these symptoms and usually aren't taken seriously enough by a general health practitioner. I'm here to teach you that it is important.

You are important and don’t have to live with this!

If you are searching for another way, I'm here to give you a second opinion.

Ps. Don't worry men, I didn't forget about you; I also work with your health issues too.

They say all illness starts in the gut, which also means that health starts in the gut.

There are obvious symptoms of poor gut health – bloating, constipation, stomach pain.

As a result, you don’t know what you can eat. Then there are symptoms people deal with everyday and don’t know they are connected with their gut - headaches, acne, insomnia, joint pain, bags under the eyes, depression and anxiety (the list goes on!)

If gut function isn’t working then nothing will; not our brain, hormones, thyroid, skin, immune system or cardiovascular system. We have a gut-brain connection, but we also have a gut-thyroid connection, a gut–skin connection, a gut–lung connection...a gut-every system connection.



Growing a healthy gut garden is a helpful analogy for understanding how to care for your gut in order to support your entire body. For plants to be strong, robust and vibrant in colour, the soil needs to contain the perfect balance of nutrients and micro-organisms – just like our gut bugs needs the correct pH levels and pre-biotics to flourish in the gut. Taking a probiotic when the soil is dry, is like throwing seeds into the desert and expecting the seed to sprout – the plant won’t grow! That's why connecting with a gut health expert will assist in knowing what your body really needs to thrive. 



Why do I get excited about looking after your gut?

A health gut = a healthy body and mind

I'm here to help you flourish your gut-garden

I'm here to tell you that you don't have to put up with your gut symptoms. I'm here to shed some light into why you're suffering with them.

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