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Short answer is, yes! Yes you can!


"The sun gives us skin cancer! Make sure you Slip Slop Slap before heading outdoors" is what Aussies have been accustomed to hearing


Current media focus, with years of messages about the increased incidence of skin cancers and the dangers of overexposure to the sun, has created the perception of sun avoidance - this could be further from the truth!


We need the sunshine - in the appropriate amounts!


With raising concern of adverse reactions - rashes and itchiness from commercial sunscreens, applying natural sunscreens has gained more and more attention as are preferred method of sun-protection.


The use of food and herbs as sun protecting agents has been gaining attention of scientists due to their safety, wild range of biological actions both on and in the skin and cost effectiveness over sunscreens - there we go, nature to save the day! 


This 53-page e-book will highlight both the dangers and importance of sunlight exposure, the difference between synthetic and natural sunscreens, foods to eat with sun-protective properties, plus 30 creative and easy sun-protecting recipes for you to eat and apply topically.


This is a must read before summer hits!


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