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You'll receive a month's worth of recipes for each season to ensure you're little one is eating seasonal fresh produce. 


I'll put together custom recipes for you to follow based on dietary and medical requirements, along with a personal video on the benefits of adding these foods.

Brain development? I'm talking omega-3 rich foods - coconut cream, sardines and flaxseed oil

Bone development? I'm talking magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and Vitamins A and K-rich foods - spinach,  brocolli and basil

Muscle development? Easy to digest protein plan-sources - hemp seeds, organic oats and brown rice.


Get ready to see your loved one THRIVE off the best nutrition.


Email me at your childs:

- Age

- Height

- Weight

- Physical activity level (none, low, moderate, regular)

- Allergies / Intolerances / Sensitivities - if you'e unsure, here is a Food Compatibility Hair Test to identify foods irritating your childs gut lining

- Diagnosed Medical Conditions

- Prescribed pharmaceutical and nutritional medication with dosage and frequency


From this information, meals are formulated based on additional nutritional needs and calculated BMR.


The process:

Book in a 45 minute consultation with me here for a tailored treatment plan and blended meals and/or recipes.

Consultations, custom recipe development and blended meals may be eligible for NDIS rebates depending on plan management.


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