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Best water filter in the world!


Well, in my opinion.


I often tell patients that we can't live without 2 things. Clean air and clean water.


This is a natural gravity fed water filtration system that is designed to remove all types of contaminants in tap water via a ten stage filtration process.



Brace yourself. It's a long list:

- Aluminium

- Asbestos

- Chlorine

- Copper

- Fluoride

- Lead

- Pesticides


Learn more about how these contaminents affect your gut health on my blog post here


Fear not!


Here is an easily maintained, simple set up and cost effective unit that will provide you with a consistent supply of clean and healthy drinking water, essential for longevity, energy and of course your gut health!



  • Fully assembled:

    64cm (Height)  x 35.5cm (Base including front lip)

  • Domes and cartridges are typically replaced every 6 – 9 months, depending on your tap water quality and quantity used.

    Mineral stones are generally replaced every 12 – 18 months.

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