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Kiss itchy skin and dry hair goodbye with a shower/bath filter.


Taking a warm shower is the best part of the day - so if you're goning to shower, shower right. Am I right?


What it eliminates:

- Free chlorine

- Combined chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite)

- Hydrogen sulfide (that rotten egg smell)

- Iron oxide (rust water)

- Dirt

- Sediment

- Odours


Warmer temperatues means that chemicals are absorbed absorbed through the skin quicker - don't forget that our skin is our biggest organ, so we don't want to be absorbing these into our system.


Next time you're in there, take a notice of the smell of chlorine - it might surprise you.


Here are just SOME of the benefits of using a shower filter

- softer skin

- silkier hair

- clearer air = better respiratory health

- prevents illness and cancers


Low flow showerhead design saves money. Lasts ten times longer than other filters (many shower filters do not have a replacement cartridge and must be thrown away – usually within a year!)


Best of all it's so easy to install, no tools needed - I did in less than 5 minutes.


If you want to get technical, this filter uses  Chlorgon and KDF - the only non-cabon filtering media to remove these chemi